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Cue The Music

Longstanding question for me: Why do some of the biggest Word-of-Faith/Prosperity Gospel teachers—whom my theological camp (and even I) speak against so harshly—have music ministries that are for the most part very Biblical in their lyrics?

Joel Osteen has Israel Houghton (formerly one of my absolute favorites), Hillsong Church (pastored by Bobbie and Brian Houston) has the obvious, and even T.D. Jakes has a similar history (yes, he was once an active gospel artist).

Maybe it's a result of their church backgrounds—before the megachurch craze that grew their churches to what they are now. All of the pastors/artists above had Pentecostal-esque upbringings, so perhaps that's just all they know musically/lyrically, regardless of whether or not it's the focus of their church's teaching.

Only in mainstream contemporary gospel music have I experienced hardcore false theology in the actual song lyrics (Jonathan Nelson being one example), which undoubtedly reflects the teaching at whatever church to which the artist is connected. But Hillsong and Israel Houghton and are hardly apart of that genre, and most of their listeners are unaware that they are connected to churches at all, no less the allegedly false teachers leading them. Their lyrics raise virtually no flags.

From my listening to the aforementioned artists in the past (which I no longer do, as an issue of conscience) honestly makes me wonder what Osteen, Houston, Jakes, and the like really preach consistently from the pulpit (though it's not really in doubt evidentially).

Nowadays, I'm more into artists like Sovereign Grace, Christian Hip-Hop artists (of whom the biggest names are almost all Reformed in their theology), and others with Biblical lyrics and great music, but the question remains: why the disconnect between heretical teaching and the music that surrounds it on Sunday mornings in the biggest churches in America?

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